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Biedermann, Zoltán (2014).  The Portuguese in Sri Lanka and South India: studies in the history of diplomacy, empire and trade, 1500 – 1650. Maritime Asia; 25. x, 205 S.
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Colas, Gerard (2012).  A cultural encounter in the early 18th century: the collection of South Indian manuscripts by the French Jesuit fathers of the Carnatic Mission. Aspects of Manuscript Culture in South India. 69–80.
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Esposito, Anna Aurelia (2012).  The South Indian drama manuscripts. Aspects of Manuscript Culture in South India . 81–97.
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Francis, Emmanuel (2013).  Le discours royal dans l'Inde du Sud ancienne: inscriptions et monuments pallava (IVème - IXème siècles). Publications de l'Institut Orientaliste de Louvain; 64. XLII, 319 S.
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Handelman, Don (2014).  One God, Two Goddesses: Three Studies of South Indian Cosmology. Jerusalem studies in religion and culture; 18. XVII, 218 S.
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Houben, Jan E. M., Rath, Saraju (2012).  Manuscript culture and its impact in "India": contours and parameters. Aspects of Manuscript Culture in South India. 1–53.
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Kent, Eliza F. (2013).  Sacred Groves and Local Gods: Religion and Environmentalism in South India.
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Rath, Saraju (2012).  On the Johan van Manen Collection: its origin and background. Aspects of Manuscript Culture in South India. 55–67.
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Subbarayalu, Y. (2012).  South India under the Cholas. xvi, 274 S.
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