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Tamcke, Martin, Jathanna, Gladson (2012).  Construction of the Other, Identification of the Self: German Mission in India . Studien zur orientalischen Kirchengeschichte; 45. xv, 382 S.
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Jeyaraj, Daniel, Young, Richard Fox (2013).  Hindu-Christian, Indo-German Self-Disclosures: 'Malabarian Correspondence' between German Pietist Missionaries and South Indian Hindus (1712-1714). Dokumente zur Außereuropäischen Christentumsgeschichte; 3. XVI, 349 S.
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Cleall, Esme (2012).  Missionary Discourses of Difference: Negotiating Otherness in the British Empire, 1840-1900. Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies. xi, 243 S.
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Carson, Penelope (2012).  The East India Company and Religion, 1698-1858. xi, 277 S.
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Colas, Gerard (2012).  A cultural encounter in the early 18th century: the collection of South Indian manuscripts by the French Jesuit fathers of the Carnatic Mission. Aspects of Manuscript Culture in South India. 69–80.
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Liebau, Heike (2013).  Cultural Encounters in India: the Local Co-workers of the Tranquebar Mission, 18th to 19th Centuries. German Writings on India and South Asia. viii, 558 S. Abstract
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